truedogblog—Real Life, the Future, and the Practice of Being Human—is a weekly column that identifies the big picture issues shaping the fate of humankind and explores how we can address them.  It is committed to the transformation of our behavior in the face of a disintegrating  physical world and the regeneration of the social contract by citizens rather than political and financial elites.

truedogblog takes August off for vacation.  All the characters used in its narratives are fictionalized and are not meant to depict real people.  Send truedogblog a message at truedog@truedogblog.com.

David Harris is the truedog of truedogblog, combining the  insights from his four decades as a journalist and author covering national and international stories—The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, and eleven books—with those of his decade and a half as a political organizer—Stanford student body president, anti war leader, civil rights worker, political prisoner, Congressional candidate, and Sixties icon.

For a more detailed biography, visit davidharriswriter.com.

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